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The Gatsby Story



That's when Gatsby joined our family.

 Though he was a tiny 8 lb ball of fur, he quickly gave many signs of just how full of personality he'd become.

​Like his literary namesake, Gatsby (an Entlebucher Mountain Dog) is determined, has lofty goals, and knows what he wants.  He loves entertaining visitors, and he’s extremely loyal to those he loves.  Unlike his namesake, our Gatsby is a 45 lb three-colored cattle-herding dog who rarely stops moving.  Given his love for running and his contrasting color pattern, he gives us plenty of practice photographing a moving subject. 

Gatsby is our daily inspiration for pet photography.  Whether he’s waking us up with a drawn-out yowl, nudging our hands off the keyboard as a “get off your computer” reminder, ensuring every stick in the yard is properly hunted and brought to our feet, or placing his head on the couch until he’s invited to join us, he’s a constant reminder of the important place pets hold in a family’s daily life.

We look forward to hearing the story of you and your pet!

We've always loved photography and have accumulated plenty of pet photos over the years, but when both of our family dogs, Tucker and Skye, passed on within weeks of each other, we realized how important it is to have photographs of our animals that go beyond the quick snapshots on our phones.  We suddenly cherished those beautiful, enduring images that captured the quirky personality of our pets and our relationship to them.