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Photo shoots with Gatsby Dog Photography are a play session for you and your pet.  No matter how you chose to format your photo session, you'll have two photographers shooting with different lenses to ensure a variety of perspectives of all the wonderful moments that show your pet's personality.  

Photos from the shoot will be uploaded to a private password protected online gallery with options for ordering a variety of prints and products.  All packages include digital downloads of 2 images per hour from the session.  Additionally, we'll set up a mobile app with up to 40 photos from your session that also links to your online gallery.

Our standard session costs $250 and includes:

  • 45-75 minutes of shooting with up to 2 pets
  • two photographers using different lenses 
  • downloads of 2 digital files from the session
  • mobile app with up to 40 photos from the session

For more than two pets, we require a longer session

of 90 - 120 minutes for $400.

Contact us to book a session!

After the shoot, digital images will be available for $7.50 each.  You have the option to pre-purchase digital packages before the shoot for a discounted rate.  You can expect to receive around 60-70 images per hour of shooting.

Pre-Shoot Digital Prices                

  • 10 Digitals - $70                    
  • 25 Digitals - $160
  • 50 Digitals - $300                                   
  • Entire Gallery (per shooting hour)- $400  

Our goal is to individualize your experience as much as possible, so please contact us to find a solution that fits your needs!