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You know your pet, and we know photography.  

Together we’ll create the images that show the best relationship you’ve ever had.

​The Gatsby Difference

Our photos will show that you know the exact spot on the chin where your dog loves to be scratched.  We’ll capture your cat sitting in your lap on his favorite chair, or that look in your puppy's eye when he knows you have a treat.  We’ll venture with you to the spot in the woods where you and your dog both stop and watch for squirrels.  We’ll walk down the path in the park where you know he’ll stop at his favorite tree for a sniff.  You’ll end up with photos that show your pet as you see him - rolling over on his back for a belly scratch, perched on a favorite windowsill, or hunting down a perfect stick for you to throw in the yard.  

We view each photo shoot as a play session for you and your pet.  We’ll incorporate you into your photos as much as you want to be incorporated, and we’ll aim to create images that portray the one-of-a-kind bond that you share.

What's harder for you to capture on your own is the relationship you have with your pets. 

That’s why we started Gatsby Dog Photography.  
Our goal at is to create images that show your pet as your pet - in all of his dirt-rolling, ball-seeking, face-licking, couch-cuddling, bird-chasing, scent-hunting totally unique-to-him glory.  

Animals are a blast to photograph.  We’ve all seen dozens of iPhone albums, Instagram feeds, and Facebook pages dedicated to the adventures and misadventures of pets of all shapes and sizes.  If you’re a pet owner, you’re most likely maxing out your phone’s capacity with photos of your animal in every possible position, emotion, season, and location.  We certainly have these photos too, and we know they’re images we’ll treasure long after our best furry friends are gone.